Ride Your Ostrich

Ride your Ostrich.

Yes, whatever your big, intimidating moving target is in your life....Hop On! 

This was one of my favorite pieces to create. The colorful paper feathers of my fancy ostrich and book page girl looking directly into the eyes of this magical creature makes my heart happy.  

Who are you?

Art is where I find the most satisfaction in life, whether I am simply looking, teaching, making for others or doing personal pieces like this one, I know I have created to create.  I am an artist.


Oftentimes the "shoulds" take over and I find myself shirking back from the very thing that brings me life. The very thing I was made to do.  Well, I have made a lot of resolutions over the years, I do so love fresh starts, blank slates, new projects, goals, visions, dreams....this time though I did what many people have done and choose a word for the year. 


Not my favorite word, but a necessary one for this flighty artistic creature (and I am not talking about the ostrich.)  I have had this quote on my social media sites for years...

"You do everything, the way you do anything."  

Adding discipline in any area, will help ALL the areas of my life.  RIDE YOUR OSTRICH - but hold on tight!