Mollie Makes

Mollie Makes, is a lifestyle and craft magazine "for those who live creatively." They are awesome at highlighting the latest and greatest trends in the craft world and tons of fun how-tos for all of us crafty obsessed. 

They released an insta-challenge this week and I decided to jump in with all my creative peers. Check all the posts out by checking out the hashtags #molliemakersweek

2018 FOCUS with TENACITY -  like a lion! 

2018 FOCUS with TENACITY -  like a lion! 

The first prompt is, Craft Goals

This is what I posted on Instagram this morning. 

First of all I have to say I love goals! I thrive on making extensive lists and plans. 2017 was all about public art, sculptures, murals, sets, window displays, big workshops - I wore a wireless mic to teach art for the first time last year. Yikes.

2018 is all about narrowing my focus and limiting my materials so I can hone my skills and stay on track.


*Expand my own art business through art shows, Etsy, local shops...
*using upcycled materials (fabric, wood and wire)

* make more urban animal dolls
*build 3d city shop toys

*ignore all the bright, shiny distractions cloaked as "great opportunities" !!!

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