O Magazine

Posted this in NEWS - but have to repost here …and there…and everywhere! So exciting!

I am in the December issue of O Magazine! Oprah’s Favorite Things issue. Oprah, baby!

One of the three public art sculptures I did for Olay this summer was featured along with 4 other Fearless Female Artists. Timing really is everything. I am two weeks out from a major accident and have been battling fear and anxiety - along with massive headaches and nausea. I passed out cold while driving on the freeway home from an art show. It is amazing I did not die or cause injuries to anyone else. I am so thankful to be alive.
In case you are wondering - why did she pass out? I was severely dehydrated and my blood pressure dropped to the basement - it was sudden and frightening. All I remember is the sudden tunnel vision and the need to get into the right hand lane - I thought I could make it to the exit, but nope. Must have passed out right before impact. I was SO confused when I came to - the airbag was out and the car was sideways into the trees. I did not feel the impact at all - but my car was destroyed and I took out a large portion of the guard rail.

I did not receive a ticket - and insurance covered my car - but I am left with a concussion and a lot of anxiety and fear. So it is a beautiful thing to be included in this issue under the heading of Fearless. Honestly, I have always been full of fear - but push through anyways, daring myself to go a bit farther and work harder. Throwing myself into situations that are “unsafe” to a shy introvert artist and try things that my very capable husband would not attempt let alone consider.

What a great reminder to be fearless even in this health scare. Oprah, baby!