Concussion Fence

A few weeks ago I was in a really, really bad car accident. - I was on my way home from an all day art show, a great show that kept me hopping all day, talking to people, selling my creations and simply staying put behind my display. I had coffee for breakfast, skipped lunch and dinner and simply wanted to get home when it was over. That was my recipe for disaster.

I was an hour from home when suddenly I felt really bad. I felt like I was ready to pass out, so I moved from the “fast lane” on the highway to the far right lane so I could get off at the next exit…..and then quickly realized I was not going to make it a mile more and decided to just pull off to the side of the road………

……last thing I remember was saying out loud, “Now!’

When I came to I was in the trees. Apparently I plowed through the guardrail and up the embankment into the trees. My car was trashed, my purse had been unzipped so everything was everywhere…..and I was frantically looking for my phone. All the while worried that the car was going to flip because it was on a weird angle.

Thankfully my phone rang and I was able to locate it - and then move far away from the smoking car. My poor husband and sons who had to talk me through that whole ordeal, ugh. I was a mess. I did not understand why it happened, how I could possibly not be hurt, what am I supposed to do now… were racing by on the freeway, but no one stopped. No one could see me.

Finally a state trooper came by and I eventually got to the hospital. Stayed overnight while they ran test after test. I have some underlying thyroid and heart issues, but basically I was extremely, dangerously dehydrated. Still undergoing tests and fighting through a concussion a month later though.

The concussion is my new fence.

I sleep and sleep - I can’t read for very long - tv is hard to see - driving is ridden with anxiety - big projects are too exhausting - so I sit…….and what do I do? I sew.
I started sewing a tiny little animal head…..I popped that first one on a tube of fabric to make a little finger puppet friend. It made me smile. So I made another. And another. And another…..

This coincided with a Meet the Maker week on intstagram so I posted them everyday. On Thursday (just 4 days into making these little friends) I was asked to bring them in to a shop in Peninsula, Ohio. So I did. And now this Saturday I am going to be a guest artist in the shop. I am also working on new Christmas orders. wow.

I am not fighting against this fence. I am happy to be alive and I love making these tiny friends. From the outside they may not look any different from what I was doing - and that’s okay. My insides have changed. My focus has shifted. This fence hems me in, keeps me safe while I care for myself and those around me and I am so grateful. I hope these gentle creatures will help share the love I feel.

And of course, shameless plug - head over to my Etsy shop (in the tabs above) to adopt a friend today! - or request a custom critter.