Behind the scenes.....

A little over a month ago, I received word that a proposal I submitted for a big public art project was accepted....and expanded. Rather than hire me for the single sculpture I designed, I was asked to create 3 - larger pieces. 

Incredible news, right?!?!   Well, I had a month to complete, limited space (no way this project was going to fit in my second story studio space!)  ….and I travel for work and teach art classes within that time frame.

It shockingly all came together and now I am awaiting the proper permits to install before I can officially reveal.....but in the meantime, this is the transport set up!   Figured out how to build giant crates for two of the three pieces, the other is flying free - but secured. 

I will be driving it 5 hours south and then unloading and installing ( yet another, "how in the world will I pull this off" thought floats through my head before I swat it away!)