Olay Light As Air

Since launch day is quickly approaching, I thought I would start sharing the details behind my latest big project!  

A few months ago, I agreed to chaperone the girls basketball team as they headed out for their final tournament. While packing, I tossed in the details of an interesting Call for Artist, some drawing tools and sewing supplies - I like to stay busy!  
In the hotel room during some downtime, I brought up the project to the girls and asked for their opinions on what is "light as air" - good ideas starting flying around, snowflakes, bubbles....what was that?  Bubbles you said?  

I started sketching and decided then and there exactly what I was going to propose. 

When we made it back home, I finished the proposal and sent it off, circling the announcement date on the calendar.  The announcement day came - and went.....so I figured I did not get it. Oh well, life goes on.  

2 weeks later I received an email.  It seems I DID get the project after all!   After filling out all the contracts and sending a bunch of clarifying emails - they decided to expand the project, I was asked to "make my one sculpture bigger and add two more, even bigger please."   And by the way, the deadline is in 4 weeks.  

Oh boy.

Where was I going to build these giant sculptures?   The studio was immediately ruled out - second floor - and warehouse space was ruled out because of my schedule, I travel for work 2 weeks out of every month, so I needed every spare moment to be able to work on this project.

BUT - I THRIVE on these challenges. THRIVE.    Joy was bubbling up and I was so excited! 

This project has been super enlightening - as all big projects are.  It has led to more ideas and more proposals and more confidence in my ability.  There was NO ONE to tell me I was doing it wrong. It was MINE, all mine - win or lose - mine.  This was so freeing - in a freefalling sort of way. 

The big reveal has been postponed due to permit issues for the City of Cincinnati, but in the meantime - here is a sneak peak of the one sculpture that would not fit in a crate.  

stay tuned, more stories to come.... 

One of three Olay Sculptures - Feminine Alchemy 

One of three Olay Sculptures - Feminine Alchemy