100 Dresses

Swimming along in a pile of submitted proposals, a calendar full of display work assignments and loads of teaching responsibilities - I decided to start a personal project. I had a very vague outline of an idea, and know full well that I am not the first to embark on this type of project…..but I wanted to put my spin on it and give it a go.

100 dresses

* 100 new sculptures to put in the world

* 100 chances

* 100 ways to make a mess

* 100 pieces of me.

My detour into the world of textile animals was all about facing my fears and being brave - and the textile collages and finger puppets helped to keep my hands busy while my brain healed from the concussion, this dress project is me getting back into my groove. Sculpting fabric.

The following images are a sampling of this new project. More info about the whys and what later. Thanks for viewing!

dress project with ALLISON KAZ.jpg
dress project with elephant.jpg
dressproject tree.jpg