Flat animal friends are READY!

Little story,  one day I was fiddling with a cashmere scrap, rolled it into a triangle-ish shape and had a lightbulb moment!  What if that little triangle-ish shape had ears and eyes and a little nose?  And what if the body was long and flat. A Flat Rat was born.

This silly little critter was easy to pop in a book (and look adorable while just hanging around waiting for you to come back to the page)  No pressure, he's got it handled.  Love books, love weird little animals, perfect! 

So I started gathering scraps and made a little fox, a doe, and many more rats and mice. These weird little flat animals friends were brought to the Craftin Outlaws show and were a smashing success!   So it was back to the scrap pile to conjure up some more!

Today is the day. I have several little friends ready to list on Etsy. They are a mere $16 to adopt. 

Books are their primary job, but since they are all soft sculpture, without any wires or buttons, they are safe for little ones as well. A flat little friend to drag around by their paw.  Super forgiving, these buddies are survivors. 

Pop over to my Etsy shop - link above - to snag your favorite friend.  Comment below or message me on Etsy if you are looking for a particular animal/color.  

Enjoy your reading!