Goat doll, poseable, argyle sweater grey goat, textile animal

Goat doll, poseable, argyle sweater grey goat, textile animal


Goats love argyle. This poseable 15-inch art doll is a fun little companion to have around.

He is just the sort of fellow to enjoy a cup of coffee with. In fact, let him hang out on your desk, tell him your problems, whisper your secrets. He is trustworthy and kind.

Created from all upcycled materials, (because he cares about the environment), Argyle Goat is not suitable for young children. He is designed for imaginative adults and those who need a quirkly friend to call their own.

Why Deer - Why goats....?
Like the deer, Shop Girl is a country mouse at heart working in the city. I grew up in the country, went to a "farm school", have friends that are farmers, met my husband at the county fair (for goodness sake)....but love city shops and have a passion for small businesses, artists, artisans, makers of all kinds.

These urban animals are symbolic to me, (and possibly only me), of the need to blend in, while being quite obviously out of place. Also like the deer who would not quite fit back into the forest (or the farm) we have seen the world, and like many parts of it.....so we will keep our rose-colored glasses firmly affixed as we look about the city and search for the beauty and creativity within.

All of the urban animals are fashioned from upcycled material; recycled sweaters, upholstery material, needlepoint and bits and pieces from the art studio and favorite used art supply store. Hand-stitched with love, each animal has a personality that can be expressed with their poseable bodies.

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