Daily Pages

Coined by Julia Cameron, daily pages are an invaluable tool for the creative person. 

Dream BIG, start small. 

Grab a new notebook, simple spiral bound single subject notebooks are my go-to dream journals - and I love the back to school time when they are 10 for a dollar! - Now start freewriting. Simply scribble out your thoughts on three full notebook pages. It may seem impossible, but you'd be surprised how energizing this daily practice can be. Somedays I repeat the same thoughts and that's okay, in fact, repeating them on the page is better than letting them play on a continuous loop in your brain all day!

Write out your complaints, and goals, and daily thoughts, and things you want to try someday....

No one EVER has to see this notebook. It is your brain, the messy part of your thought life. But, while messy, it does hold insight and can lead down some interesting paths.