In a World of Fish -Be a Shark



This morning Olay posted "Do sharks complain about Mondays?! No. They’re up early, chasing stuff, being Fearless - reminding everyone that they’re sharks." 

3 of my 4 kids went to or back to college today....the 4th is in the process of getting EMT/Paramedic/Fire training.  As a family, we are introverts - but super ENTHUSIASTIC, AMBITIOUS and COMPETITIVE introverts.  Probably do not want to get in our way!  

Along those lines Every. Single. TRY requires me to be fearless - or more accurately, totally fearful - but doing it anyway.  Just throwing myself out there again and again and again.  Currently I have a small stack of proposals out there for projects, shows, residencies.... and a contest.  I have only received one response so far. The contest came back with a NOPE, not today Shannon, we hate your project, what were you thinking? this is crap. I cannot believe you wasted our precious time with your trashy piece of trash trash...…. um, not exactly verbatim. But that's how it felt. Rejection hurts. But that doesn't stop me from trying.  Don't let it stop you. No one even needed to know that I was a BIG FAT REJECT.....but even if they did, it doesn't really matter.   Someone else was better suited for their particular project. That is okay.   Like Dita Von Teese says, " You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there is still going to be someone who hates peaches."  Truth. 




As for the calls for artists this week, I am going to give you something to dive into. This site, California Arts Council , has calls for California artists as well as loads of calls for those outside of California. It is a site to just wade around in for a while. Not everything is going to appeal or apply to you and your art, but one may and that one may lead you to something fabulous.  But you won't know until you fill out the forms and press send! 

MOST importantly though, is to GET in the STUDIO.  

(that was as much for me as it was for you, probably more so!)      


New Calls for Artists

you can.jpg

"Where do you find these interesting assignments?"  I get asked that A LOT and the truth is it is a lot of work, but I love to research so it more like treasure hunting for me!  

My plan is to update Action Steps every Monday with new calls and reminders of impending deadlines!  If you get a tiny spark of inspiration - run with it! 

Do something that scares you!

You Can.
End of Story

Stories to Art

Stories to Art is a new (to me) site I came across recently.  While I have not applied yet, it looks intriguing. I love a good challenge and this looks like a mighty fun one at that! 

According to their website, "everyone has a story and that story — whether a shared moment, cherished memory, or even a vivid flight of imagination — is uniquely personal.

Art is personal, too. We wanted to come up with a way to transform our stories into artwork that speaks to our hearts in ways words simply can't. Thus, StoriesToArt was born.

StoriesToArt is a way for people to commission exclusive pieces of fine art, poetry, or music directly inspired by their own stories. 

I am going to start an account on their site and dive into some of their briefs. Will update if anything comes of it.  - Feel free to join me! 


Here is another call I am checking out in the upcoming weeks. I have been working on a personal project that seems to line up with the guidelines so I posting this one here for my own reference, but again - if you are even a tiny bit interested in this show - ENTER.  You're welcome. 

Arts Benicia

991 Tyler Street Suite 114
Benicia CA 94510


Entry Deadline: 9/15/18

Entry Fee (Arts Benicia Members pay only $35): $45.00
Entry Fee (Member entry fee): $35.00        

The history of art shows us that artists and plants are a natural pairing. Artists have been creating botanical lore for centuries, inspired by the forms, colors, myths, metaphors, science, and symbolism of plants. Artists working in all media are invited to share their botanical expressions and depictions. 

Accepted artists will be invited to attend the member preview, and to talk about their work (optional), as well as to the public reception. Artists hand-delivering work will be provided with promotional postcards. Artists shipping their work will receive digital version of the postcard.

Artist and curator Jennifer Perlmutter balances the influences of nature and civilization in her work, combining environmental character with urban features in a complex layering to create a push-pull of color, figure and texture. Botanicals were her first subjects, used to explore watercolors and oils in the late 90s. She produced chinoiserie, artwork and deep, layered finishes on high-end furniture, featured in LA's Pacific Design Center. Perlmutter ultimately found her niche in mixed media on wood and canvas, which is her predominant medium today. She opened a gallery in Lafayette, CA in 2014, exhibiting a diverse program of contemporary art. Perlmutter's work has been widely commissioned, collected internationally, and shown in New York, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Entries must be uploaded and submitted through CaFE. All media will be considered: painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, book art, video, sound art, and installation. Size limitations: wall work no larger than 36” in either dimension; sculptural work no taller than 6 feet, 30 pounds weight, or a 36” footprint. For information about gallery layout or installations, direct inquiries to

For optimal juror viewing, submit the highest quality images. Maximum file size for each still image is 5 MB. Video/audio file guidelines are here. If your photo software specifies file quality levels instead of pixels (i.e., you are submitting an image directly from a cell phone), choose "actual size" or “very high quality.” Please DO NOT include your name in your file titles. If your work benefits from explanation or an accompanying statement, there is an option to provide one in the entry process. It will be seen by the juror, but not the gallery. Omit your name from the optional artist statement. Accepted artists will be asked later to provide statements and resumes to the gallery.

Entry fee of $45 (or $35 for current Arts Benicia members; select at checkout); this includes submission of up to 3 artworks. 

To review other benefits of membership, including NARM, or to join Arts Benicia before submitting your entry, call or visit and then return to this page. You do not need to wait for verification of membership before completing your application to In the Fields. 

Fee may be paid through CaFE (using a credit card or Paypal), or paid directly to Arts Benicia using any form of payment once the entry has been submitted through CaFE. To pay by check, upload your images onto CaFE, complete the entry form on CaFE, and select check as the payment option. Mail your check to Arts Benicia, or bring payment to the gallery during office hours, before the deadline. Accepted artists will be notified via email on or before October 1. 

Artwork Preparation. Secure a label to your artwork with your name, materials and/or technique, the title, price if the work is for sale, or the dollar value if the work is not for sale. Work intended for hanging must arrive ready to hang, with a mechanism adequate and appropriate for the artwork dimensions and weight. We do not accept sawtooth hangers. If special installation instructions are required, include them in your delivery or shipment.

Walk-in Delivery is Oct 25 through Oct 27, between 11 and 2 PM only. We cannot store packing materials of hand-delivered work. If someone other than the artist will deliver the work, the submitting artist must contact us in advance, and complete an exhibition contract by email, fax, or mail. Pick up of unsold work is January 10 through 12, 2019, between 11-2 PM. The gallery and office close over the winter holidays.


Lisa Quintero, Exhibitions and Public Programs Manager


Come with me

come with me .jpg

"Where do you find these interesting assignments?"  I get asked that A LOT and the truth is it is a lot of work, but I love to research so it more like treasure hunting for me!  

My plan is to update Action Steps every Monday with new calls and reminders of impending deadlines!  If you get a tiny spark of inspiration - run with it! 

Do something that scares you!


Two Good SHOWS and a new site to check out

CRITTERS Exhibition Call for Art    

   DEADLINE   09/30/2018


ArtlessBastard is calling for 2D & 3D works of art, in all mediums – except performance art or film – for their Nov/Dec 2018 ‘CRITTERS’ Show.

If your art features ANY critter, real or imagined, then it’s a good fit for this exhibition. And whether the animal inspiration is obvious or subtle, they want to see it! If there’s a beak, paw, fur, tentacles (or anything in-between) they’re leaving the interpretation of theme up to their artists and can’t wait to see what you come up with.

If bugs are your thing, bring it on! If creatures of the sea mystify you, bring it on! If made-up monsters make you happy, bring it on!

If dressing models up like animals trips your trigger, bring it on! They’ve instructed their guest jurors that their core audience enjoys both traditional & contemporary works – so this show will be a great mix of style, medium, size and subject.

Email with questions or submit online via the easy web-form


 The Light and Dark of Mental Health 

Event curation surrounding the "light" and "dark" of mental health.
Looking for art installations, performance, and pieces to ignite conversation.
If you are an artist and feel you have something to share regarding anxiety, depression, and/or the taboos of mental health - they would love to hear from you and be able to share an evening of awareness.

The event will take place: September 29, 2018, 6-10pm, Sundry House, 2570 Superior Ave E Suite 203 Cleveland, OH 44114

Call for: Interactive & Experimental Art, Live Painting, Painting, Photography, Poetry, Illustration, Spoken Word, Storytelling, Sculpture, Calligraphy, Mixed Media, Music, Digital Media, Design, Dance, Drawing and Film Shorts.

10% of the suggested donation at the door will be given to a TBD mental health organization.

Artists will receive a small stipend as well as free refreshments at the event.

Please e-mail with any questions.


One more for today - but it is a big one.

Take the time to pursue Rivet!  

I came across this page while searching the depths of the web looking for an elusive and exclusive program I am determined to be a part of someday, when I find a good lead..... in the meantime, this page is full of new to me opportunities.  So I am off to go explore!  


Let me know if you apply AND when you are accepted!  I love to cheer people on! 


Morning Pages


Dream BIG, start small. 

Grab a new notebook, simple spiral bound single subject notebooks are my go-to dream journals - and I love the back to school time when they are 10 for a dollar! - Now start freewriting. Simply scribble out your thoughts on three full notebook pages. It may seem impossible, but you'd be surprised how energizing this daily practice can be. Somedays I repeat the same thoughts and that's okay, in fact, repeating them on the page is better than letting them play on a continuous loop in your brain all day!

Write out your complaints, and goals, and daily thoughts, and things you want to try someday....

No one EVER has to see this notebook. It is your brain, the messy part of your thought life. But, while messy, it does hold insight and can lead down some interesting paths.  

Morning Page Rules according to Julia Cameron are as follows: 

 ‘three pages of longhand writing, strictly stream-of-consciousness’. 

  • Write every day
  • Write by hand
  • Write first thing in the morning, before doing anything else
  • Write three pages
  • Write whatever comes to mind, without stopping, until you reach three pages (even if that means writing ‘I don’t know what to say’ for three pages)
  • Write whether you feel like it or not
  • Do not reread the morning pages

That’s a lot of rules, and it is not quite journaling,  but Cameron assures us and I can honestly attest that this practice will lead to great insights, unblocked creativity, inspiration and a better relationship with ourselves.

Go ahead, try it, you might like it. Get all the whiny, petty nonsense out of our brains and onto the page, so you can be FREE to focus on other things.