In a World of Fish -Be a Shark



This morning Olay posted "Do sharks complain about Mondays?! No. They’re up early, chasing stuff, being Fearless - reminding everyone that they’re sharks." 

3 of my 4 kids went to or back to college today....the 4th is in the process of getting EMT/Paramedic/Fire training.  As a family, we are introverts - but super ENTHUSIASTIC, AMBITIOUS and COMPETITIVE introverts.  Probably do not want to get in our way!  

Along those lines Every. Single. TRY requires me to be fearless - or more accurately, totally fearful - but doing it anyway.  Just throwing myself out there again and again and again.  Currently I have a small stack of proposals out there for projects, shows, residencies.... and a contest.  I have only received one response so far. The contest came back with a NOPE, not today Shannon, we hate your project, what were you thinking? this is crap. I cannot believe you wasted our precious time with your trashy piece of trash trash...…. um, not exactly verbatim. But that's how it felt. Rejection hurts. But that doesn't stop me from trying.  Don't let it stop you. No one even needed to know that I was a BIG FAT REJECT.....but even if they did, it doesn't really matter.   Someone else was better suited for their particular project. That is okay.   Like Dita Von Teese says, " You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there is still going to be someone who hates peaches."  Truth. 




As for the calls for artists this week, I am going to give you something to dive into. This site, California Arts Council , has calls for California artists as well as loads of calls for those outside of California. It is a site to just wade around in for a while. Not everything is going to appeal or apply to you and your art, but one may and that one may lead you to something fabulous.  But you won't know until you fill out the forms and press send! 

MOST importantly though, is to GET in the STUDIO.  

(that was as much for me as it was for you, probably more so!)