Hanging Mouse Ornament- Grey Mouse holding tiny gift box


Hanging Mouse Ornament- Grey Mouse holding tiny gift box

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Tiny Mouse Ornament to hang in your house, on your Christmas tree, house plant or door knob.
Created from super soft Hygge yarn and upcycled bits of fabric, this little mouse is a good reminder to face your fears.

Approximately 2 1/2 - 4-inches tall with a hanging ribbon and holding a small gift package, each one is made to order so please allow 2 days handling time and know that there may be some variation from the images - each mouse is "born" with it's own personality!
Colors of presents also vary, if you have a particular color in mind, please message me.

Now for some interesting reasons why you should purchase a mouse ornament as a gift (to yourself or a friend)
Mouse symbolism conveys the embodiment of survival instincts, however observation, timing and protection are all aspects of its powerful instincts.
The mouse observes everything in its surroundings.

The mouse signifies a time when you need to take a closer look at your life and scrutinize the details that you may have missed. If mouse symbolism is being presented to you,
it means that there are people or areas in your life which you have overlooked and taken for granted, and that this is the time to right your wrongs.
The meaning of the mouse urges you to be conscious of the consequences of your actions.

Examine everything, and think about how this seemingly small thing can affect your life and the people around you!

Confession.....I am famously afraid of rodents. Petrified really. I grew up in an old farm house with a falling down barn directly across our country road. Mice and rats haunted me in my dreams. I imagined them plotting our deaths like tiny mobsters.

Each critter I make and cradle in my hand is me facing my fears. While my daily fears have shifted to bigger things, I am making peace with the overly imaginative fearful part of me with every stitch.
Symbolism is my second language, personification is my native tongue.

Face your fear and adopt a mouse. ;)

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