Urban Art Dolls

Urban deer, pigeons, rats and other often unwanted or overlooked animals are the focus of my art doll practice. They represent the disconnect many creatives feel in the "real world" - we may wear the same clothes and do the same things, but deep down we are simply displaced wild creatures
They are designed as fully poseable shelf sitters, book markers, or sign holding encouragers.  
*Face your Fear* *Be Brave**Try it* *You Can Do It*  

dave deer 4.jpg

Dave The Deer

Dave is made of upcycled material, fabric, yarn, embroidery thread and wire. He is fully poseable, click on the link above (his name) and you can see more his handsome poses. Set him on your book shelf or desk to remind you that, even if you are a quiet creative, you are still a wild creature at heart.  

Flat animals - Book marks.  

Flat animals - Book marks.  

Flat animals are made from recycled sweaters. They are perfectly sized to slip right into your favorite book. Happily waiting for you to return. Fox, rats, rabbits and mice make up the bulk of this urban animal bookmark collection. Currently sold out - a new series is set to be released in September. 




Lovely pigeon made from a recycled sweater, wire and loads of embroidery thread. She is fully poseable, sometimes she sits on her soft tail feathers, or stands at the ready. Pigeon lore says they bring love, peace and an understanding of gentleness. It is also thought that they deliver gifts of mental, physical and emotional healing. 



Vlad is a fully poseable deer made from upcycled material and wire. He is fully poseable and festive in his red antlers, mittens and socks.
Deer symbolism is full of messages of creativity, abundance and adaptability. Traits every creative needs.  


Yoga Deer

Super soft fabric and yarn are appropriate on this yoga deer. He can bend and stretch into your favorite yoga positions. The deer reminds us of our own innocence and the fundamental need to be loved and nurtured.